Apa kata Professional tentang Shaklee?

Internal Medicine Glen Burnie, Maryland

“The reason that I have recommended only Shaklee to my patients is that I
have clinical, peer-reviewed data included in the catalog that I can refer to.
You have to have good clinical studies, good double-blind peer-reviewed
studies in order to evaluate a product. As a medical professional, that’s the
only thing that I’ll listen to. Except for Shaklee, I’m not aware of anyone who’s
done in-depth studi es. It’s the only company I’ve seen do it and that’s why it’s the only company I can professionally recommend.

Professor of Nutrition, Biochemistry & Biophysiology
University of North Carolina Medical School
“One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking inexpensive vitamins. Mail order vitamins offering fantastic “deals” are worth just about what you pay for them. NEVER buy these vitamins or supermarket/pharmacy brands without checking them out first. Cut-rate products often contain additives, food allergens, sugar, artificial food coloring and flavoring. Many are coated with shellac or contain potentially hazardous chemicals like chlorine. Shaklee
performs up to 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety on the raw ingredients for a single product. Products undergo as many as 262
separate quality assurance tests throughout the manufa cturing proc ess as well. In addition, all product label claims have docum ented substantiation.”

Pediatrics Virginia Beach, VA

“As a physician and pediatrician, I demand scientific validation of the products
I use in my practice. Smart supplementation today means taking the right
amounts with the right formulation and Shaklee has made it so easy for us to
do that now. For over 25 years, Shaklee has been a blessing for me, my family, and my patients who have all benefitted from scientifically proven products for quality health and healthy living. Our food today is so deficient in nutrients because of what we have done to it. It is no longer the same food that nature offered to us. For my fellow physicians who are looking into incorporating nutrition in their practice, I encourage you to consider using Shaklee’s quality.”

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

“Shaklee Products are very well tested both from a standpoint of efficacy and
safety. I consider Shaklee’s study of bone loss and their [Vita-Lea] product’s
relationship to bone loss not only important from a standpoint of their product, but important from a standpoint of the scientific community’s understanding of bone loss. . . . I think it’s very impressive that the Shaklee scientists are willing not necessarily to go with the flow, but rather to go with the science.”

Council for Responsible Nutrition

“You need to select a manufacturer that you can trust. Unfortunately, there
are some unscrupulous entrepreneurs out there who will try anything and who
are marketing street drug knock-offs or recreational drugs under the name of
dietary supplements. One of our biggest problems today is that there are some small manufacturers on the fringes of the industry who make products that don’t meet necessary standards and gives a black eye to the whole industry. Quality companies, companies like Shaklee Corporation, are making a stand for quality products and for truthful information and we believe that is very important.”

Perth, Ontario

“Patients get results with Shaklee! There is a definite difference in the holding
patterns for chiropractic adjustments for patients taking Shaklee supplements.”

Registered Pharmacist
Augusta, Georgia
“Why do I take Shaklee vitamins when I can get others as samples for free?
From a pharmacist’s view, you have to look at the clinical research that is done by Shaklee. While writing a book on prenatal nutrition, [my collaborator and I] requested clinical studies from the makers of prenatal vitamins and no major company, except Shaklee, could provide us with any studies! Also, the Shaklee vitamins are natural as opposed to the synthetic prenatal vitamins available in drug stores. There are so many reasons why I take Shaklee over the vitamins I could get from pharmaceutical companies. But the main reason is because the Shaklee vitamins produce results!”
Kingston, Ontario

“The most trusted name in clinical science is Shaklee.”


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